Experiential and deep?

A passage from the article, “Networked Learning as Experiential Learning” by Gardner Campbell-https://er.educause.edu/articles/2016/1/networked-learning-as-experiential-learning-intrigued me. I used to struggle with how to give students the experiential activity learning that created deep learning, but now think of online learning as ALL experiential learning that can create the deep learning that students seek in our Programs or eventually […]

Networking Week

My favorite thing from networking week was the game by Nicki Case. I found this very entertaining and informative at the same time. Many elements work together to achieve this. Animations To begin with, it has very clean and interactive graphics. Your cursor is a …

Growing Up in the Digital World

The readings for this week brought back a lot of fond memories from my childhood. After reading through Seaman’s article, and reading all about how she was able to join these sub-communities and build strong connections with people she never intended on meeting, I was …

Is it time to retire?

The materials for week 3 (especially the interview with Laura Gibbs) raised a number of questions for me. Perhaps I missed something important, but it seems to me faculty should not be judged on how “fun” their courses are, nor should they allow students to assign their own grades (unless perhaps they work at the […]

Using Twitter Lists and Hashtags for Personal Learning Networks

Professional (or Personal) Learning Networks After reading a couple articles on Personal/Professional Learning Networks (PLNs), I realized that I’ve been doing something similar on Twitter without realizing there was a name for it. What’s a PLN? The way I understand it, a PLN is a loose community of people centered around a particular subject or […]

Digital Space and Incrementalism

The notion of “engagement” has long been touted as a predictor of success in higher education. It pertains to formal learning experiences such as the classroom (physical or virtual), as well as a metric of what students are doing with their time outside of their academic time-on-task. The National Survey of Student Engagement, associated with […]

Confronting the Dragon

I have found the week 2 materials both enlightening and frustrating. Enlightening as I recognize that in many ways I have been developing a PLN without knowing it (joining forums dedicated to my work and interests, collaborating with others met through like-minded groups, etc.). A …

Applying Week Two

Homily (Sermon) for July 7, 2019 (Roman Catholic Readings for the day) Readings: Isaiah 66:10-14c […as a mother comforts her child] Luke 10:1-12, 17-20 [I have observed Satan fall like lightning from the sky…rejoice because your names are writt3en in heaven] “…do not rejoice because …

(Digital) Networking Across Communities: From Organizing to Academe

After graduating from college I spent a year working as a community organizer on issues at the intersection of labor and immigration. I had taken a number of social justice-oriented courses during my undergraduate studies, including a course on activism and organizing, but this did little to prepare me for the job. Making matters more […]