“What’s a Marne”?

Apparently this is what John said at the I-House room lottery in the late 1980s.  I was in Honduras, and my proxies were excited: “Marne got her room”!!!!! We giggled over this after we met in I-House the following fall.  I was in my 5th semester, an archaeologist,  the former President of I-House, recently engaged, […]

Digital Hermit

#DigPins first week has been an opportunity to examine my digital identity. A few interesting readings, a visitor resident map, slack discussions, and finally putting off my blog post until I have had a chance to see how the crowd was positioned before I shouted …

Embracing the Digital Game

I agree with Mitchell when he said that the thought of trying to cultivating an “online” personality and a “real life” persona sounds exhausting. And reading about Sarah’s evolution in becoming her authentic awesome self, I relate to that as well. I hopped on line …

Triple Identity?

I am a Chinese person teaching Japanese in the U.S. I speak three languages everyday and constantly deal with three different cultures, so sometimes I feel that I have a triple identity. Reflected in the digital world, I write in three languages, clearly having different audience in mind. I used to have blogs in Chinese […]

Woman on the internet who dares have an opinion and expertise

Ornithologist. Educator. Evolutionary biologist. Professor. Lover of cute animals. Hardcore outdoors woman who lives in tents in remote parts of the world and machetes her own trails through the rainforest. Mother of zebra finches. Feminist. Whiny pregnant lady. Someone who cries in her office. My public-facing professional identity encompasses all of these, and more. That […]

Publish What?

In college, I had a friend who told me her mother advised her: never put anything in print that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times. At the time, I thought it was callous and overly formal, but …

Who are you?

Digital Identity – who are you? Identity: fluid, constructed, and open to interpretation. While our F2F identity changes, it’s interesting to see how our virtual identity also changes with age.  I remember the ages of AOL instant messenger, Myspace, and flip phones with tiny screens …