Who are you?

Digital Identity – who are you? Identity: fluid, constructed, and open to interpretation. While our F2F identity changes, it’s interesting to see how our virtual identity also changes with age.  I remember the ages of AOL instant messenger, Myspace, and flip phones with tiny screens …

Blogging as digital id

Hi Everyone, This is the first blog I ever write. It’s exciting to be able to collaborate on this platform and create a digital id! Mapping out my digital identification for digPINS made me realize that I’ve been most invested on creating a professional id, …

A few thoughts on blogging

I posted a version of this to the Moodle site, but I thought it was good enough to make public. From talking to a couple of you, it sounds like there might be a little technostress going on from trying to introduce so many tools at the same time. So first of all… yay! If […]

Week 0!

Welcome to #DigPINS! This summer #DigPINS is a five week online professional development course/conversation for faculty and staff designed to introduce and expand how connected digital environments impact pedagogy, identity, networks and scholarship. DigPINS will run from June 18th – July 20th with four weeks of content and a week long break in the middle. […]