Comments and an ethos of care

Arrrrrgh! I’m trying to get all. the. things. in this post and make it perfect which is exactly what I’ve been telling people not to do… I’ve been thinking a lot about a recent interview with Sherri Spelic on my friend Terry Greene’s podcast. Among the many interesting things in that discussion is the discussion […]

Driving my digital identity

I’ve been using social media for much longer than I have been a professional. MySpace started when I was in middle school – the beginning of my digital identity. But times were simpler and the biggest decision to be made was what to make my away message on AIM. Would it be too moody? Too […]

Week 5: Write Your Own Ending

Well, that’s the end. After a fashion. Because we were talking about identities, and networks of people, and our work, and those things didn’t end. So the question is, what do you want to do with this experience? Let me start with thanks. I have greatly enjoyed hearing your ideas and discussions over this month […]

Economics and Open-Access

Happy week 4 fellow DigPIN’ners.  This week was really enlightening for me, mainly because I am just starting my research journey and I believe that the research-climate is changing.  Economists are not the quickest to take up new approaches (sometimes we just like to rationalize the status quo).  I had a fun time researching open […]

Week 3, Bringing some digital flavor to Intro to Macroeconomics Class

Week 3, which is one week I was REALLY looking forward to!  However, I’m now catching back up because…. beach. There is SO MUCH information regarding economics that is dispersed digitally, it is REALLY silly to not find a way for students to ingest current information in this form.  However, sometimes I have this conversation with […]

Psychology not Easily Accessible?

I tried to find an open access article in my area of research with no luck, but did send one from the positive psychology field on positive education: I found a list of open access journals in psychology and they seem to be marginal journals, and some don’t have many publications.  I did not […]

Hybrid Pedagogy as Feminist Pedagogy

(I originally put this on moodle but realized it should have been a blog post – one of my challenges in this whole process is navigating all of the different tools!) I was pleasantly surprised to learn of the links between hybrid pedagogy and feminist pedagogy from the readings and videos of this week. I […]