The ILLs of Public Scholarship

The readings from this week posed questions that collectively expanded both the notions of “scholarship” and “access”. In her article Beyond Academic Twitter: Social Media and the Evolution of Scholarly Publication, Leila Walker painted a picture of how social media platform such as Twitter will (and has) changed how scholarship is created and shared with […]

Digital Space and Incrementalism

The notion of “engagement” has long been touted as a predictor of success in higher education. It pertains to formal learning experiences such as the classroom (physical or virtual), as well as a metric of what students are doing with their time outside of their academic time-on-task. The National Survey of Student Engagement, associated with […]

Learning Through Networking

In a course I teach each summer in USM’s Adult & Higher Education master’s program, I have my students compare learning theories, and share which resonates with their own experience the most. Social learning theory trends towards the top, an indicator of the power of interaction. I myself tend to learn best with others, which […]

My Digital Self

I considered the Digital Practice Triangle, but honestly the Visitor versus Resident Framework resonated with me more. During the mapping process, I reflected upon how the bulk of my digital identity spans across the Personal/Institutional continuum, with more towards Visitor than Resident. For example, I mapped YouTube right in the middle, since I create videos […]