Things that make you go…hmmm…

Psychological science (my discipline) is pretty conventional/traditional. It has worked very hard (for better AND worse) for acceptance as a “real” science. It still holds anonymous peer review as the gold standard of quality and, in at least some ways, hasn’t yet developed the expectation that a “generalist reader” should be able to access, read, […]

Is it time to retire?

The materials for week 3 (especially the interview with Laura Gibbs) raised a number of questions for me. Perhaps I missed something important, but it seems to me faculty should not be judged on how “fun” their courses are, nor should they allow students to assign their own grades (unless perhaps they work at the […]

reflecting twitter

My twitter handle is @ MRStevensonPhD. So far, I’ve found little productive use for it and I find it too time consuming to attempt to glean useful content from streams of incomplete thoughts that have little nuance. At the moment, I use Twitter to catalog things I find in electronic form that I want to […]