Digital Pedagogy & the Neoliberal University

In “Decoding Digital Pedagogy, pt. 2” Jesse Stommel writes, “Digital pedagogy calls for screwing around more than it does systematic study, and in fact screwing around is the more difficult scholarly work. Digital pedagogy is less about knowing and more a rampant process of unlearning, play, and rediscovery. We are not born digital pedagogues, nor […]

COVID lessons and more questions

Of all the possible classes I could have been teaching when COVID-19 hit, I think I got pretty lucky. Teaching a web design course did mean students needed access to (somewhat decent) computers – definitely a privilege and a barrier to entry – but it seemed to shake out okay. I was thankful that the […]

love dares you to change our way

It occurred to me that I could model something I really value: real-time reflections about the act of teaching. So here goes. We usually start planning our summer DigPINS runs in December and January. Most of these conversations are about finding good dates and figuring out which institutions want to collaborate this time, and there’s […]


When we cannot see our students face to face (and I would include here the mask to mask teaching that is likely for many of us in the semester to come), it can be difficult to gauge student understanding and engagement. How do we get the feedback that we need from our students to run […]