Sometimes at Odds: Privilege and Digital Identity as a Community-Engaged Academic

For most of my research projects, I work hard to apply a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach. As described by the Detroit Urban Research Center, this is: a partnership approach to research that equitably involves, for example, community members, organizational representatives, and researchers in all aspects of the research process and in which all partners […]

The Reluctant Self-Promoter

The world is full of musicians happy to speak with anyone about their newest project, who they are performing with, who they studied with, upcoming auditions, etc. I am not one of those musicians. The instrument I play, the bass trombone, rarely gets the spotlight. …

Driving my digital identity

I’ve been using social media for much longer than I have been a professional. MySpace started when I was in middle school – the beginning of my digital identity. But times were simpler and the biggest decision to be made was what to make my away message on AIM. Would it be too moody? Too […]

“Your Daughter is Pretty” and Other Musings on Context Collapse

“Your daughter is really pretty,” he said.  I visibly startled at his statement.  How did my mid-20’s male student know anything about my 4-year-old daughter? When asked, he explained that he searched me on social media, did google searches, and connected the “digital dots” to find pictures of my family.  That’s the day I silenced […]


I was twenty-eight years old when my great grandmother died at the age of 103. She was born while the Civil War was being fought here and her native Italy was struggling to come to unification. Thirteen days ago my mother celebrated her one hundredth …

reflecting twitter

My twitter handle is @ MRStevensonPhD. So far, I’ve found little productive use for it and I find it too time consuming to attempt to glean useful content from streams of incomplete thoughts that have little nuance. At the moment, I use Twitter to catalog things I find in electronic form that I want to […]