Entering the Labyrinth

As I wade deeper into digital citizenship (or at least dip a toe in the shallow end) I’m learning a lot and mostly liking it.  I revived my Twitter account which was created in 2012 (@sfrudnick if you’re interested) and have been utilizing it to start to develop my PLN.  So far I haven’t found…

Relationships are Everything

It’s the second week of #DigPINS and we’re looking at networks. Specifically, the idea of our Public Learning Network (PLN). Despite a robust appetite for talking with strangers and for broadcasting minutiae to social media, the idea of “networking” makes me weary. I imagined networking in the context of late 20th century corporate culture: putting…

Zone of proximal development

Sharing a Strategy During my doctoral studies we learned about Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development (ZPD).  In short, Vygotsky studied what learners could do with and without help.  The ZPD involves students in varying skill sets working together to solve problems and learn what they may not be able to complete alone.  The theory is that…

Joe’s tech tip: tracking blogs

It didn’t escape my notice that we recommended 23 possible Twitter accounts this week, and at least 13 blogs/websites to watch. And then we told you “but you should go look for your own interests too.” I can imagine some of you might feel like although our goal, when we showed you all this neat […]

Sarah Murnen

Hi All, I am Sarah Murnen, Professor of Psychology, and I have been here longer than most of you!  I want to be able to more effectively use digital media to disseminate research findings.  At the broadest level I am interested in how gender is structured in our society in ways that perpetuate inequality.  More […]

“What’s a Marne”?

Apparently this is what John said at the I-House room lottery in the late 1980s.  I was in Honduras, and my proxies were excited: “Marne got her room”!!!!! We giggled over this after we met in I-House the following fall.  I was in my 5th semester, an archaeologist,  the former President of I-House, recently engaged, […]

Digital Hermit

#DigPins first week has been an opportunity to examine my digital identity. A few interesting readings, a visitor resident map, slack discussions, and finally putting off my blog post until I have had a chance to see how the crowd was positioned before I shouted my thoughts into cyberspace. In real life… sorry IRL I…