Digital Pedagogy & the Neoliberal University

In “Decoding Digital Pedagogy, pt. 2” Jesse Stommel writes, “Digital pedagogy calls for screwing around more than it does systematic study, and in fact screwing around is the more difficult scholarly work. Digital pedagogy is less about knowing and more a rampant process of unlearning, play, and rediscovery. We are not born digital pedagogues, nor […]

Digital Persona & the Neoliberal University

One of the aspects of cultivating – and promoting – an online identity that interests me most is how the growing need for a “digital persona” for faculty, intersects with an increasingly neoliberal agenda for the university writ large. My social media presence includes two Facebook accounts, Twitter, and Instagram.  Except for Twitter – which […]

Context Collapse: At Last a Label for What I’ve Been Avoiding All This Time

I finally have a label for what I’ve been working so hard to avoid for the past twenty years.  Context collapse.  Of course I’ve read blogs, and use Facebook, and Twitter, and have established an identity of sorts in various online forums and in various online classes for a good twenty years.  But I never […]