COVID lessons and more questions

Of all the possible classes I could have been teaching when COVID-19 hit, I think I got pretty lucky. Teaching a web design course did mean students needed access to (somewhat decent) computers – definitely a privilege and a barrier to entry – but it seemed to shake out okay. I was thankful that the […]

love dares you to change our way

It occurred to me that I could model something I really value: real-time reflections about the act of teaching. So here goes. We usually start planning our summer DigPINS runs in December and January. Most of these conversations are about finding good dates and figuring out which institutions want to collaborate this time, and there’s […]


When we cannot see our students face to face (and I would include here the mask to mask teaching that is likely for many of us in the semester to come), it can be difficult to gauge student understanding and engagement. How do we get the feedback that we need from our students to run […]

What can I learn from my Covid19 teaching evaluations?

Something I’ve been grappling with for a couple weeks now is how to interpret the feedback I received from students on how I handled the transition to remote learning/teaching due to Covid19 this past semester. My instinct when we went online was to consult the experts- professors who already teach online courses. I therefore modeled […]

Unpacking my Digital Identity

I remember the first time I used the internet. I’d been bugging my parents ever since I saw an episode of Ghostwriter that depicted hackers and cyberspace. I was intrigued. I was vaguely aware that my father’s massive laptop he kept in his office had a modem, the mystical device that could connect me. I […]

Am I doing this right?

I asked my Anthropology of Mass Media students to do a similar digital identity curation assignment to review their online presence. While I assigned this task to my students, I have never examined my own digital presence. To do this for the DigPINS workshop, I started thinking about my roles online in relations to the […]

Establishing Residency

Particularly as an early career faculty member, there is a lot of pressure to have a well-curated digital presence. The expectation is that I am comfortable using social media and other platforms to express myself and engage in professional self-promotion. While I definitely see the value of a variety of digital tools in the classroom and have been an […]